Which is Faster: Commercial Flying or a Private Jet?

    by SharedCharter Team
    There are numerous advantages to flying in a private jet. Besides the fact that flying private offers you unrivaled luxury and comfort while in the air, it may also help you save precious time.  The truth is, flying private always tends to be faster than flying commercial. Whether you are counting the actual flight time or the length of the total journey from home to your destination of choice. Several factors contribute to this and make opting for private an easy choice. Here are the 3 ways in which flying in a private jet significantly reduces your overall travel time:

    1. Landing at Airports Closer to Your Final destination

    Chartering a private jet gives you an endless amount of customization freedom. Since private jets are smaller than commercial planes, you can take off and land at smaller airports. As a result, you can book a flight that takes off from an airport as close to your starting point as possible. Similarly, your flight can land at an airport that is closer to your end destination. This is just not possible on commercial flights that usually need to land at a large main hub or international airport. Consequently, you have a shorter journey as travel time on the ground is reduced.

    2. Less Time Spent at the Airport

    Private jets are arranged according to your schedule, which means that there are no long queues or waiting around when you get to the airport. Besides, Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), private jet terminals at the airport, are generally exclusive and rarely busy. This means security, pre-flight checks, and customs processes are a breeze. For this reason, you only need to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before take-off instead of 2 or 3 hours in advance as you would for a commercial flight. This saves a significant amount of time, especially if you know what to expect at the FBO.

    3. Higher Altitudes & Faster Cruising Speeds

    The top reason flying private is faster than commercial is that private jets can reach higher altitudes and have faster cruising speeds. Private jets will usually fly at altitudes between 41,000 feet and 51,000 feet to ensure a smoother flight experience, be more fuel-efficient, and faster flight time. Additionally, private jets can cruise at higher speeds than commercial planes. Naturally, some private jets are faster than others. But most of them are faster than the fastest commercial plane. Of course, this means that even your flight time is reduced when you charter your own private jet. All aspects of flying private contribute to a faster journey overall. By reducing ground travel time, time spent at the airport, and the actual flight time, flying private saves you plenty of time. This makes chartering private flights worth the expense even compared to first-class on a commercial flight. If saving time is important to you, then there is no better way to travel. If saving time is important to your coming travel plans, there’s no better way to book a private jet than by sharing the cost with other travelers trying to get to the same place! Search for flights on the SharedCharter database today! {{cta('41af5ea0-3035-49e9-8849-b1b03b56442d','justifycenter')}}