What goes into the cost of a private jet rental?

    by SharedCharter Team
    There used to be a time when flying a private jet was a privilege only reserved for the ultrarich, the famous, and the elites – but not anymore. Today, more people are opting for private jets because they’re becoming more accessible, saves airport time, reduced travel fatigue, optimizes work productivity while onboard, and gets you closer to your destination at a time of your choice. But make no mistakes: the cost of chartering a private jet can still climb into the tens of thousands depending on different factors such as size, distance, scarcity, and more. Even the least expensive private flights are out of reach for most people. That said, private jet travel offers plenty of perks for travelers and business people. Which begs the question – how much does it usually cost to rent a private jet?  

    Private Jet Charter Cost Breakdown – What’s Included

    No frills, the charter cost of a private trip can range from $4,000 to $10,000 per hour to charter a private jet. The cost could go way over the $100,000 mark if you intend to rent a jet for an entire weekend. That range includes a wide variety of private jets from small to the priciest luxury business jets. Apart from the hourly rate of the jet, there are a couple of other factors that affect how much you might pay. Size Matters When it comes to the size of the aircraft, the bigger the jet the more expensive it is to charter.  In this case, the size varies from light jets to ultra-long aircraft and the cost could range from $4,000 to $10,000 per billable flight hour or more. Flight Duration The total cost varies depending on the distance of the flight and time enroute. The further the distance, the more time enroute, the higher the price of the aircraft. While some jet models are faster than others, speed is usually not an issue since the differences don’t translate into meaningful time savings.  

    Besides the hourly rate you may be charged for:

    Fuel Surcharge Fuel prices change constantly. A fuel surcharge is applicable when there is an increase in the cost of fuel in the market. The actual quote will include a projected cost in the hourly rate. Since airports have varying fuel charges, it’s important to enquire from your charter operator for the actual price at the time of travel. Crew Fees Chartering a private jet means catering for the private service needs. It also means paying the flight crew overnight and per diem fees to cover meals, hotel fees, and other expenses incurred while on the flight. Taxes Federal excise tax for domestic flights in the US incurs a tax of 7.5% on the total cost of the flight.: Landing Fees: They vary depending on the airport, size, and weight of the jet. Landing fees can be in the range of $50 to $500 per landing. Segment Fees: These are charged by the government on a per passenger basis and vary based on the region. In the US, a segment fee of $4.00 is charged per passenger, per leg. Ramp Fees: They are charged when an aircraft is parked at an airbase for a specific length of time. This amount is charged by the Fixed Base Operator that is tasked with directing the plane to its parking space, plan for ground transportation, and provide fueling services. Ramp and handling fees range from anywhere between $100 to $500 per visit. Short Leg Fees: These are perhaps the most affordable flights. Short leg fees apply to trips that are less than the minimum distance, which is around 400 miles. In this case, short distances mean that the plan needs to fly at a lower altitude, which translates to more fuel usage. International Fees: The international charges vary depending on the occasion and the region. They include overflight permits, landing permits, customs, and taxes as per your flight route and destination. It can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 or even more.  Cleaning Fees: Mishaps happen, especially on the floor of the plane. Cleaning fees are charged in such cases to help get rid of the mess. Catering Charges: Snacks and drinks are usually included, but if you want specific food you may be charged for it. Some operators will include all these charges in their quote, others break out additional costs that will be your responsibility. We would avoid fees not specified exactly on your charter contract. For instance, a line item that says, “Any ramp fees,” How are you to know how much that is? Insist that all additional fees are spelled out.  

    Identifying and Cutting Costs 

    Now that we have a clear picture of the key factors that may influence the cost of chartering a private aircraft, let’s turn to a couple of ways that can help you cut costs but still enjoy a memorable private jet flight.

    Empty Legs

    A private jet charter can be extremely expensive, but there is an option to travel in optimal luxury and privacy, at a fraction of the price. Empty leg flights are essentially planes that are leaving their destination without any passengers in order to return to their home airport. As empty legs are in essence non-revenue flights, it's possible to save as much as 75 percent off the normal charter rate through negotiation. Since empty legs are a last-minute trip, you can expect to travel with fewer passengers and less luggage. But if you keep a lookout for the empty legs available, you are sure to save money.

    Cutting Cost with A Shared Charter

    One way to enjoy a more private yet luxurious experience that is equally affordable, is by sharing a charter flight with the help of SharedCharter. With this option, passengers are connected to others interested in the same flight itinerary so they may book the private flight together and share the costs. While it involves flying with new people, there are far fewer passengers compared to a commercial flight. You also still get to enjoy all the perks that come with flying in a private like saving time, avoiding crowded places, enough space for you and your family or friends, and traveling in comfort and luxury.  

    Finding the Best Deal on a Charter Flight

    There’s no better or more convenient way to get to your destination faster than by private jet. Naturally, you want to not only get there as soon as possible, but also ensure your flight is more affordable and efficient, which can be achieved through sharing. SharedCharter will help you achieve exactly that. Join the community and search for a flight today!