5 Luxury Travel Methods: Efficiency & Affordability Tips

    by SharedCharter Team
    Luxury travel is notoriously expensive, and we've come to believe that these exclusive experiences available only to certain people. However, luxury travel is more in reach than ever now. We know that there is more than one way to travel in style, but each method is unique with different considerations. With the right information, you can master traveling by train, cruise, car, private jet, or yacht. The following guide will show you how to master luxury travel so that it is more cost-effective.

    Luxury Cruises

    There is no such thing as an inexpensive luxury cruise, but there are some factors you can keep in mind to make your high-end cruise more cost-effective:

    Choice of cruise line

    Luxury ships may not have the most affordable rates but you can actually opt for entry-level cabins on these ships which will include all the luxury amenities including balconies. Just remember to choose your room carefully, because there are many choices. To take full advantage of your trip, there are usually quite a few hidden gems on most ships. Sometimes it is the evening piano bar, the morning coffee bar, lunch on the aft deck, sports activities and other amenities that you have to search out.

    Your itinerary

    Most luxury cruises have long cruise times so look for the cruises that have an itinerary of a week or shorter if you want to lower the expense. You can also order shore excursions before the cruise starts in order to take advantage of the usual special offers on these side trips. 

    Cruise dates

    Book your cruise during shoulder or low seasons such as before Christmas, after the New Year, or the last cruise of a specific season. Also, be sure to book early to take advantage of two for one fares. There are even some trips that will offer free nights before and/or after the cruise.  

    Luxury Train Trips

    Luxury train journeys can really make you feel like you’re on an adventure, but can be quite pricey too unless you consider the following points:

    Your itinerary

    The longer your journey, the more expensive it will be so if you want to enjoy a luxury carriage opt for shorter trips.

    The route

    Certain popular or famous train routes tend to cost more making it more affordable to splurge on luxury for less popular or busy routes.

    Food & beverages

    Make sure that food and beverages are included in your package in order to avoid any unexpected additional expenses.  

    Luxury Car Rental

    Booking a luxury vehicle is a fun way to extend your exclusive travel experience (especially after chartering a private jet). Here are some tips to keep it practical for your needs:

    The rental company

    Rates vary greatly from company to company and depending on the car and location but to get the best rates, search for luxury vehicles at mainstream car rental brokers. 


    Although most companies provide waivers and theft protection, the excess payment can still be high for luxury vehicles unless you purchase stand-alone excess waiver insurance.


    Standard vehicles tend to automatically come with unlimited mileage but this is not always the case for high-end vehicles so check this before booking.  

    Luxury Yacht Rentals

    Chartering a yacht can be a super fun alternative to a cruise, and here are some factors that will affect the cost of renting a luxury yacht:


    This is similar to renting a car or a boat in that you only receive the yacht and have to personally arrange and pay for extras such as a crew, fuel, and food.


    This means that you only book a room in the yacht and not the entire yacht which makes it a good option for a small group of traveling companions.


    You can either choose to rent a yacht with a full-service crew or you can source the crew separately to save on costs.  

    Luxury Flight Charter

    Flying in luxury in your own private jet is the dream for most travelers but can be expensive unless you keep the following things in mind:

    Sharing a private jet with SharedCharter

    By sharing your charter with other passengers heading to the same destination on the same date you can drastically decrease the cost of chartering a private jet. Often, it will cut costs by almost half or more if you find multiple other parties looking to travel when you are! This option can be a fun alternative, especially if you are open to or interested in meeting interesting people! If you are normally a first-class flyer, you can also learn what it takes to go from the commercial flying experience to private flying here. 

    Empty leg charters

    You can book last-minute flights on a jet's return or reposition flight that usually has no or very few passengers. Our experience is that these can be almost impossible to find and book, but keep an eye out just in case!

    Private jet members club

    By becoming a member of a private jet club you can charter private jets at discounted hourly rates and get access to luxury extras. While this option can provide some additional perks, this option can grow to having very inflated costs.   
    To get started traveling in luxury, search for shared flights on SharedCharter today!